What balustrade are you looking for?


Balconies and terraces require protection against falls, and most of us expect both safety and aesthetics.

We often also want to have more light in our living rooms or lounges. Traditional railings obstruct the flow of light and create a sense of heaviness in the entire structure.

You are faced with a choice of which material to choose for the railing.

The choice you make will determine the safety and image of your home.

Tombig recommends glass and aluminum railing systems. Durability, aesthetics, and modern design. These are just the basic features of this solution.

Railing Systems

balustrada seria 7600

Profil BV 7600

Lenght 5 mb
Catalog no – BV7600
Height: 120 mm
widht: 55 mm
Fix – 12,16 mm

Color: Inox

pakiet montażowy

Profil BV 7600

Assembly package
for glass thicknesses
12, 16 and 20mm.
Kit for one 5m profile.

balustrada aluminiowa

Profil BV 8900

Lenght 5 mb
catalog no – BV8900
Height: 120 mm
Widht: 70 mm
Fix- 20 mm

Color: Inox

Klipsy i uszczelki co balustrad

Gaskets and clips

WedgeFix – 12
WedgeFix – 16
IA – 20

poręcz aluminiowa

Handrail BV 6024

Aluminum finial

RGH – 12MM
RGH – 16MM
RGH – 20MM

zaślepki aluminiowe

Dummy plug

BV 7600K
BV 8900K