CNC Services, laser cutting, metal banding

Tombig Services

We provide various services on the aluminum components we offer. We categorize our services as follows:

1. Short turnaround time.

The most popular services are related to two groups of products. Typically, we carry out these services within 1-2 days at our facility in Brzeźno. The execution time depends on the size of the order and the scheduled production tasks, which involve sheets and profiles.

Foiling – we apply protective foil, either standard or “laser” type, on one or both sides of sheet metal.

Cutting – we trim aluminum profiles to the specified length and angle.

2. Average order completion time.

Machining services in our CNC centers: milling, turning, drilling, threading, notching, deburring, and chamfering.

Surface protection and coloring through anodizing or powder coating.

The above services are always individually priced and require planning in the production process. The average completion time ranges from 1 to 4 weeks.


3. Continuous Production – Ongoing Orders

Two key characteristics, lightweight and strength, make aluminum highly versatile.

We manufacture components that are part of subassemblies, finishing details, and load-bearing structures for various industries, particularly automotive, railway, and aviation.

However, we are not limited to these industries alone. The application of aluminum in the economy is incredibly diverse; the only limitation is our imagination.

At Tombig, we are open to new production challenges.


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Products offered by Tombig:

Sheets and strips

  • smooth sheets,
  • embossed sheets,
  • stucco sheets.

Standard profiles

  • round tubes,
  • square tubes,
  • rectangular tubes,
  • equal angle bars,
  • unequal angle bars,
  • T-bars,
  • I-beams,
  • C-channels,
  • round bars,
  • square bars,
  • flat bars.

Special profiles

  • transportation: side panels, moldings, support profiles, boards,
  • photovoltaic panel mounting systems,
  • gates and fences,
  • structural profiles,
  • exhibition and advertising,
  • for skylight mounting systems,
  • radiators,
  • and others from the catalog.

We design profiles according to individual customer orders.