Design and production

On the Design and Production of Aluminum Products


Aluminum is a lightweight metal whose mass is three times lower than that of steel. It is a material with good physical properties, strength, and durability. Aluminum is also characterized by good corrosion resistance and ease of mechanical processing. It can be welded and brazed, and it has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Thanks to its electrochemical properties, aluminum can undergo processes such as anodizing or painting after proper surface preparation. These processes provide longer durability of the metal coating and add color.

Due to its characteristics, aluminum has been present in various industries for over 150 years. Different types of aluminum alloys appear in many branches of industry wherever there is a maximum possibility of utilizing these properties in production. For example, aluminum is used as heat dissipation elements (radiators) to lower the temperature of a system such as power supply or to raise the ambient temperature (heater).

Tombig has gained extensive experience in the design and production in industries that require lightweight and durable structures. A significant portion of our production was dedicated to the market of transportation, including automotive, railway, and aviation manufacturers. We have designed and implemented profiles for industries such as energy, electrical and electronic, advertising and exhibition, furniture, and interior equipment.”

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Tomasz Goździk

Tomasz Michalak

Hurtownia Profili Specjalnych Aluminiowych

Custom Profiles – Design and Production


In our stamping plant, we manufacture a wide range of standard and special profiles that are available in our catalog. On a daily basis, we design and produce custom profiles dedicated to each client, tailored exclusively to their needs. You can find more details here – Designing new custom profiles.

The design process consists of several steps:

  1. Technical drawing (CAD) – provided by the client or prepared by our design office. We verify the design assumptions, taking into account the properties of aluminum alloys and the production capabilities of our machinery park.
  2. 3D model – if necessary, we perform a verification of the design assumptions using a 3D model.
  3. Generation of the mold for the designed profile.
Rysunek techniczny profila
Matryca do tłoczenia


The next stage is the design of the production process. Based on the client’s guidelines, we machine the final shape of the element from the prepared profile in the press shop. This is a repeatable process consisting of two stages:

1. Implementation of a new product – line design

  • Discussion and clarification of quality parameters.
  • Programming CNC centers and, if required, production of press molds.
  • Preparation of a trial batch, checking the compatibility of the manufactured elements with the design and specifications.
  • Implementation of the production plan.

2. Continuous production

Continuous production at Tombig is ensured through resource security:

  • Proper inventory levels of raw materials.
  • Shift work of skilled staff.
  • Duplication of machining equipment.
  • Effective logistics.
  • Very good communication.

Work Organization


Production at Tombig is a planned, repeatable, and continuously improved process. The foundation of a smoothly functioning company is its people. Thanks to our team, we receive very good quality ratings from the clients we currently collaborate with. We apply elements of Lean Management such as standardization, 5S, 5 Whys, gemba walks, and PDCA. The individuals responsible for production are open to new ideas, improvements, and feedback from their colleagues.

We primarily rely on Elumatec equipment for production.

The main areas in which we are evaluated by our clients are:

Precision and compliance of product execution with the design.
★ Product traceability and label compliance.
★ Timeliness of planned production volumes and deliveries within specified time windows.
★ Packaging and product protection.
★ Communication and quality of customer service, completeness of documentation.
★ Flexibility in production, deliveries, and project changes.

Cięcie profila


Frezowanie CNC


Wiercenie CNC

Drilling and tapping

fazowanie CNC

Shape and surface formatting

Wyciskanie otworów prasa

Stamping and punching

Gratowanie powierzchni

Edge deburring


Logistics is a crucial part of the entire production process. The flow of raw materials between warehouses and production halls is harmonious and collision-free.

At every stage, we rely primarily on our employees, who operate the entrusted equipment with great proficiency. Our internal logistics is based on two-axis carts. We transport the finished products to the customers using our own transportation units within the Just-In-Time system.

The packaging of products is determined in collaboration with the client. Standard practice involves using crates with a constant width of 60 cm, secured with coated paper, and the elements can be protected with foam padding.

We also provide co-packing services, which involve assembling our prepared products together with other assortments provided by the client.

Kompletacja produktu
Logistyka produkcji
Dział Obsługi Klienta

Tomasz Goździk

Together with our team, I have been leading Tombig for nearly 20 years. Every year, we process approximately 15,000 tons of aluminum. We develop the company based on people, their continuous training, and development within the organizational structure. Together, we ensure that the working conditions and safety are as good as possible.

Caring for the natural environment is also important to all of us. That’s why we sort waste, recycle post-production waste, use low-emission Euro 6 class vehicles, and illuminate our production and warehouse halls with roof skylights.

Our mission is to deliver the best aluminum products, exactly as expected by the customer, precisely on time and to the designated location. Tombig is open to new challenges. We are not afraid of evaluation; our quality is verified by the market, as we have been fulfilling orders for years for our loyal partners.

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