Anodizing and painting

Color and coating

The natural color of raw aluminum, a silvery-white shade, has its unique charm. However, many of our customers need to give aluminum elements a different color.

Tombig offers anodizing or painting of aluminum profiles, as well as protecting them with a protective film during transportation or processing.

Anodizing is a process of electrolytic oxidation of aluminum, which creates a layer ranging from 15 to 25 µm, and during this process, color is produced.

Painting is a process of applying powder paint to a previously prepared aluminum surface and baking the elements in an oven at temperatures ranging from 140 to 200°C, where the powder melts and polymerization occurs.

Additional coatings on aluminum elements provide additional long-term protection. In the case of anodizing, depending on the thickness of the layer, it can last for approximately 20 years

Dział Obsługi Klienta

Renata Domska

Advantages and differences





  • the coating leaves the texture of the metal visible
  • limited color palette, the coating is matte
  • layer thickness 15-25 µm
  • strength depends on layer thickness
  • the durability of the coating for a thickness of 25 µm is estimated at 20 years
Paleta kolorów anoda

Anode color palette

The displayed colors may differ from the actual colors.



  • wide range of colors from the RAL palette
  • the coating can be matte, semi-matt or glossy
  • layer thickness is about 80-160 µm
  • the durability of the coating is estimated at 10-15 years and it also depends on the number of layers
anodowanie i lakierowanie

RAL color palette

The displayed colors may differ from the actual colors.


We give colors to aluminum profiles purchased at Tombig, we don’t provide services on external material.
Before placing an order, we recommend consulting with our Customer Advisor, and getting acquainted with the color live.