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Sheets and coils

Sheets plate, embossed, stucco .

Coils diferrent wides and standard format sheets:

1000×2000 mm, 1250×2500 mm, 1500×3000 mm, 2000×4000  mm.

Perforated sheets.

Aluminium standard profiles

Round and square tubes,
Round, square and flat bars,
L- profiles,


Aluminium profiles for transport

Support profiles,
floors (including movable floors),
corners guard,
anti-cycling covers.



Aluminium solar profiles for solar solutions

Mounting rail, 
trapezoidal bridge h=40,
trapezoidal bridge h=70,
metal roof tile holder,
tile holder,
handle for trapezoidal sheets,
bolts and nuts,

Construction and exhibition profiles

Profiles 40×40 mm,
profiles 80×40 mm,
bolts and nuts.


Special aluminium profiles catalog

Advertising profiles,
cooling profiles – heat sinks,
profiles for construction,
exhibition profiles,
support profiles,
floor profiles,
facades profiles,
skylight profiles.


Aluminium fence and gate profiles

Fence and gate profiles,
corners and accesories,
boards and finishing panels.




Designing custom profiles for the client

preparing documentations and 3d model,
Extrusion profiles.

Justyna Gajewska

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Agnieszka Dąbek

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Magdalena Pecelerowicz

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We publish our inventory, giving you a quick overview
in product availability.

We understand the current situation
in the economy, therefore we have lowered the logistic minimum to 500 kg for free deliveries.

We have high stock levels, our cars leave Tombig to different destinations in Poland every day. By delivering the necessary quantities at the right time to our customers.

If your order does not reach the logistic minimum, please call us, we will find a solution. For example, the elements can be cut to the correct length and shipped by courier.

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Free delivery available after exceeding the logistic minimum, which is currently 500 kg. in Poland.

You can order the quantities you need, thanks to our high stock levels, which are published every day at 8:00 am, .

Before each shipment, we weigh the assortment, the approximate weight of profiles and sheets can be obtained from our on-line calculator.