Laser cutting and sheet metal bending

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Laser cutting of aluminum and steel sheets


Sheet metal laser cutting service:

– aluminium up to 20mm,

– steel up to 20 mm,

– stainless steel up to 20 mm,

– cooper up to 10 mm,

– brass up to 10 mm.

What files to send for valuation?

For each detail, it is best to send files in dxf or dwg format and pdf files. This combination allows you to avoid many mistakes, such as: mistakenly sending an outdated version of a detail or the wrong scale..

Who should I send my inquiry and files to?

Inquiries about detail pricing should be sent to the following e-mail address: or just call +48 725 220 055.

How long will I wait for a quote?

Depending on the quality of the source files sent, the valuation takes from a few to several hours.

What is the time to process the order?

Depending on the number of elements and sheet availability, we fulfill orders from stock to several weeks.
We can execute large orders in a tranche or pull system, ensuring continuity of production in other areas at the customer.

How does the transport to the customer look like?

Orders completed by us can be picked up from our warehouse in Brzeźno, we can deliver ready-made packages using our transport or send a pallet shipment to any place in Poland or Europe. The cost of transport is priced individually based on the size of the order.

Do you perform services on the customer's material?

Yes, if the execution of the order requires it. However, we prefer making details from sheet metal that we have in our warehouse.

What time can I pick up my order?

The warehouse is open from 6:00 to 17:00, when the order is ready, we will inform the customer about the possibility of collecting or sending the shipment.

Is sheet metal bending also possible?

Yes, as in the case of cutting, you will need files from the CAD program. On their basis, it will be possible to determine the possibilities and time of implementation.

Is it possible to process the workpiece differently?

It depends on the type of machining and the required accuracy class, we are able to assess it based on the drawing and files.

Do you powder coat items?

Yes, we are able to deliver a ready detail to the customer. It depends on your specific inquiry and detail.

Can I cut the sheet by hand at your place?

Yes, you do not have to wait for hours for the sheets that we have in stock to be cut.

Laser DNE Global LC3

The smart way to process sheet metal.

Regardless of what your needs are in
cutting range, the LC 3 can meet them all. Combining
Swiss know-how with industry-leading quality,
this 6kw fiber laser cutting machine
offers the performance and speed you need to
gain a competitive advantage in the machining industry
sheet metal.

Fiber laser cutting - fiber optic

Fiber laser cutting- Fiber optic fiber is one of the latest achievements in laser cutting technology, offering unprecedented speed and precision in the metal industry.

The fiber laser cutting machine uses active optical fibers to create the laser beam and a transport fiber to transmit it to the cutting head of the machine. This super hot laser is condensed into a narrow beam and is used to cut metals of various thicknesses.

Fiber optic technology is used in a range of infrastructure and manufacturing applications due to its increased durability and performance. There are several types of laser cutting machines in use today, and the main difference between them is how the laser is generated.

What is fiber laser cutting?

Fiber laser cutting uses a type of solid-state laser to melt and pierce metals, achieving a precise and efficient cut. The laser medium for this technology is fiber, as opposed to gas or crystal, hence the name fiber laser cutting. 

Knowing that a laser is concentrated light, it makes sense that fiber optics can intensify this beam – therefore fiber is the “active amplification medium” used to elevate the laser to a higher power state. Fiber laser cutters can cut a variety of materials and thicknesses depending on the performance of the equipment.


How does fiber laser cutting machine work?

Fiber laser technology generates a focused, high-powered laser beam using stimulated radiation. A laser diode emits light which is sent to a fiber optic cable for amplification. When this powerful laser strikes the surface of the material, the high-intensity light is absorbed and converted into heat that melts the surface. 

A high-velocity gas jet parallel to the laser beam is used to blow away the molten material, allowing the workpiece to be cut.

The first contact point of the fiber laser with the material must be more intense than subsequent interactions, because instead of simply cutting through the material, this first contact must pierce it. This requires the use of a high-powered pulse beam that works to make a hole in the material that takes about a few milliseconds for a twelve-millimeter sheet of stainless steel. At the same time, the high-speed airflow will remove impurities to show a clear output image.

The fiber laser cutting machine uses computerized digital control technology, which enables it to receive cutting data from a computer-aided design workstation. These technologies help control the surface of the material or the laser itself to produce a specific pattern or design.

Fiber laser cutters also have double interchangeable tables that facilitate the loading and unloading of materials. This feature enables a fast laser cutting process while maintaining accuracy and precision.


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